Anonymous asked:

What do you do with a bf who can't make you cum?

i-want-spankings answered:

get on top of him.  haha no seriously. in my experience, if a guy isn’t getting you where you need to go, get on top and take that orgasm yourself.

that is, provided you CAN cum? i’ve heard sad sad tales of women who can’t achieve orgasm. 

communication is my answer to almost anything. if you were able to ask my Daddy.. he would tell you that ALL I DO is communicate my feelings. hahaha heh.  but maybe he needs to change up the angle or push your thigh up or go down on you a little longer before he hits it… theres a lot little changes one can make to get off.. seriously.. like, going at it missionary, have him hook your leg over his elbow. little things.. try it on your side with one leg up… 



I need to be fucked. Hard and rough. My hands pinned behind my back and my breath catching in my throat because I’m forgetting to breathe.

Dirty words whispered so they sound pretty. Your marks all over my body. Little traces of you hidden under my clothes the next day so every time I see them I’ll smile at the memory. Pour yourself into my body like no one else has. I don’t need anyone quite as much as I need you.






Am I the only little who, when using cuss words, wishes their Daddy would tell them off? I love to be reminded that I’m little and shouldn’t use big girl words. Love it!

Hehe this, constantly.. I adore hearing that stern “Little girl.. Is that anyway to talk in front of your Daddy ? Use your little girl words unless I instruct you otherwise, understood ?”


Yes!! All of that too! ^.^